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Massage Therapy

Let our trained therapist soothe your sore muscles and calm your mind. In combination with medical attention, massage can help certain conditions.

Fusion Massage-  $50;30 mins. $65; 1 hr.
Upper or Lower Body or 1 hour  full body. A customized massage combining the Swedish & Neuro-muscular techniques. This is our most popular massage.

Neuro-Muscular-  $65;1 hr.
Aids in the breakdown of tender and trigger points found in muscle tissues.  Ideal for injury treatment and pain management.

Swedish-  $45; 30 mins. $60; 1 hr. $90; 1-1/2hrs.
Hands-on Full Body massage of medium pressure.

Courtney Doom-Henegar, Massage Therapist
NC License#: 17378

Courtney has been a member of Midtown Salon & Spa for almost 4 years as a NC Licensed Cosmetologist. She is a recent graduate from GTCC's Massage Therapy Program. She offers 30 minute, 60 minute or 90 minute massage therapy sessions.


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